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Sabina A. Schulze, M.A

110 Delgado Street, Suite D

Santa Fe, N.M, 87501

Phone# (505) 982-4183

FAX # (505) 982-9219

e-mail sabina @ life

Personal Data:

Born: November 19, 1953

Berlin, Germany


2007-2010 Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Somatic Experiencing is a body-awareness approach to trauma treatment. The three year training combines classes, individual sessions and case consultations, it is taught worldwide. Founded by Dr. Peter Levine, and based upon the realization that human beings have an innate ability to overcome the effects of trauma, SE restores self-regulation, a sense of aliveness, relaxation and wholeness to traumatized individuals. SE is used in the treatment of combat veterans, rape victims and survivors of natural catastrophes, auto accidents, post surgical trauma, chronic pain sufferers, and infants who expertienced traumatic births. Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute; Boulder, Colorado.

1985-1987 Completion of Structural Integration training (Rolfing) with Rolfing instructor Peter Melchior, in Boulder, Colorado.

1985 Instruction in 1st degree of the Usui-Reiki healing system by Reiki Master Phyllis Furomoto, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

1983-1984 Two semester course in Anatomy and Physiology with Dr. Mark Talley at the Institute of Traditional Medicine; Santa Fe, New Mexico.

1982-1983 Course in ConnectiveTissue Polarity with Donald van Howten at the C.T.P. Institute, Santa Fe,New Mexico.

1981 Course in Massage Therapy with Star Blacker at Dr. J. Scherer's Academy of Natural Healing,Santa Fe,New Mexico.

1979-1980 Research scholarship from German Academic Exchange Service/Indian Ministry of Education. Research project in Cultural Anthropology (Indigenous healing systems), in the state of Maharashtra, India. Studies in yoga and meditation at Ashram in Maharashtra, India.

1973-1979 Enrolled at Heidelberg University, South Asia Institute, department of Cultural Anthropology.

Graduated with M.A. in Anthropology, Sociology and

History. (Topic of M.A. Thesis: Ethnopsychiatry)

1964-1973 German Gymnasium, Eleonoren school in Darmstadt,

West Germany.Graduated with "Abitur" in June,1973.

(German equivalent to university admission.)


2005 Induction into College of Deviners (King-Wen lineage of

the I-Ching ), completed training under Stephen Karcher,Ph.D.

1990 Certified Yoga Instructor, International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, Paradise Island, Bahamas

1990 Member, American Massage Therapy Association

1987 Certified Rolfer; Member, Rolf Institute of Structural Integration

1983 Certified Practitioner of Connective Tissue

Polarity Massage


6/92-Present Administrative Director

Life Transition Institute,

non-profit educational organization

6/89-Present Vice President

Life Transition Therapy, Inc.

110 Delgado Compound

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

This private clinic emphasizes work in the areas of meditation, grief, post traumatic stress and pain management, adjunct treatments for breast cancer pts., yoga, massage, Rolfing.

1983-Present Private practice in Massage therapy, Rolfing, Mindfulness meditation, Yoga and I-Ching consultations. Santa Fe, N.M.

1986-1992 Consultant Massage Therapist with Pinon Hills

Psychiatric Hospital; Santa Fe, N.M.

1987-Present Associate bodyworker with Life Transition Therapy, Inc.

Santa Fe, N.M.

2000-Present Associate bodyworker with Las Campanas Spa, Santa Fe,N.M.

License: March 1992, New Mexico, Lic.# 224, Massagetherapy

April 2005, NCBTMB 426250-00

Research Interests:

Research interests include cross-cultural women's issues, stress and coping, and anthropological aspects of health and illness.

Publication: Breast Cancer: A Deepening of the Practice.

The Use Of Meditation In Illness. Breast Cancer Action Newsletter 18: 3-4, 1993

Beauty Is Mine Because, Poem, in : I AM BEAUTIFUL, A Celebration Of Women In Their Own Words, Rose Communications, 1996, Bridgeport, Connecticut


"Artistry of Dreams ", Gallery at the Rep, New Mexico Repertory Theater", Santa Fe, N.M., 1/92

Healing Legacies," the art and writing of women living with breast cancer, Vern Riffe Gallery, Columbus,Ohio, 10/94.

"Earth,Mind,and Spirit", Sun Cities Art Museum, Sun City,

Arizona, 6/95

"We Are Talking To You", Delgado Street Gallery, Santa Fe,

New Mexico, 9/95

"Healing Legacies", Webster University, Hunt Gallery,

St. Louis, Missouri, 10/95

"The 8th Annual Shrine Show", Center for Contemporary Art,

Santa Fe, N.M., 10/98

"Healing Legacies", State of New Mexico Capitol Building,

Santa Fe, N.M., 1/96

"Healing Legacies", Branigan Cultural Center/Glenn Cutter Gallery, Las Cruces, N.M. 2/96

"Faces of Women", Las Vegas Arts Council, Las Vegas, N.M., 3/96

"The Sacred Garden", Wild Oats Cafe,Santa Fe, N.M., 8/96

"Healing Legacies", Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta,

Canada, 9/96

ART RAGE US, The art and outrage of breast cancer, San Francisco Main Library, S.F.,California,4/98

ART RAGE US, The art and outrage of breast cancer,

Los Angeles Public Library, L.A., California, 3/99

ON BORROWED TIME, the art of women with breast cancer

Governor's Gallery, Santa Fe, N.M., 5/2000

ART RAGE US, the arts and writing by women with breast cancer.

Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong, China, 10/2000

1991-2001 Facilitator: Santa Fe Breast Cancer Support Group, a community service offering.

2004-present Facilitator: Mindfulness Meditation, a weekly class.

Training in Vipassana Meditation (Community Dharma Leader) at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Woodacre CA.


Graduated January 2000.

1999 Training in Traditional Thai Medical Massage with Richard Gold at New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts.

2005-present In Cranio-Sacral therapy training at NMAHA.

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